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Well, it's been an eventful week in the Dragon Quest fandom:

Tuesday: It was announced at the Dragon's Den that the fan translation of the PS2 version Dragon Quest V is finished! It can be found here.

Wednesday: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 was announced.

Thursday: Dragon Quest VI DS went on sale in Japan. Still no word on an English release. Some additional information on impressions and the like, found by [livejournal.com profile] fatelr , can be found here.
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Continued from this post, although I had never planned to make a follow-up. I was messing around YouTube a couple of days ago, and I found some things that made me very happy: more JCA dubs.

European Spanish: The Dark Hand (La mano oscura1
Brazilian Portuguese: The J-Team (Inimigo Mortal) 1 2

Now I have to confess that I'm not sure which countries handled the dubbing. I think that the Spanish one might be from Spain based on how some of the words are pronounced, but I'm not sure. If more of the series were uploaded, it might be easier to tell. Uploader says more of the series is on his site, but I can't figure out how to find them (and I already asked him if he had the rest of the episode because I apparently can't read, so I'm a bit reluctant to ask again). I can't read the description on the Portuguese play list, so I'm not going to assume whether it's from Portugal or Brazil. Thanks to[info]soumakagura for letting me know the Portuguese dub is from Brazil, and for helping me find the rest of the Spanish episodes.

I personally think that the voices given to Jackie in Spanish and Jade in Portuguese suit them really well.

(And someone finally uploaded episode seven in English, yes! I was so sad to see it was missing)

In other news, last night I started reading the Sailor Moon manga online to see how it compared to the anime. I'm ashamed to say I was up until about five in the morning finishing the Dark Kingdom arc. I should know better than to do something like that during the school week. But yes, I really enjoyed it. I'll be honest: I already think that it's better than that arc in the anime. (The anime from what I've seen is not bad, but the sheer amount of filler is staggering. I mean, I know why there is so much, but at times the show seems to go like this: 

"Oh noes a youma is stealing energy/after the Rainbow Crystal/trying to get the Silver Crystal! Quickly, everyone! We must fight this evil through stock footage and projectile roses! Tune in next time when we might progress the plot! ...Maybe."

I've already watched past the part where Moon and Tuxedo Mask remember their past lives, so I'm half-tempted just to skip ahead to the finale, which I hear is wonderful.)


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Not locking this one because there's really no reason to.

Anyway, occasionally I get bored and I hop over to YouTube to just browse the videos. I went looking for Jackie Chan Adventures realted stuff once, and I ended up coming across some episodes in different languages. Since I'm a bit on the geeky side when it comes to languages, this made me very happy.

If you're interested, here are a few:

French: Rumble in the Big House. 1 2 
German: Rabbit Run (Wenn Hasen Rasen) 1 2 3 4
Romanian: The Demon Behind (Demonul din spatele tau)  1 2 3
Japanese: The Dark Hand 1 2 3

My personal favorite is probably either the German or the French one, (French!Jade's voice is sweet enough to cause cavities) although I really like the Japanese one as well (Japanese!Shendu sounds badass). 

I thought I had found an episode in Polish a while back, but I can't find it. :/

More episodes are uploaded, with majority on the same accounts of the people who uploaded the above ones. (Although,  I want to warn you that if you want to go looking for anything JCA related in any language, stay away from the fanvids. Just...do.)
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Which Harry Potter Slash Pairing Will You Witness? by snaketamer
What house are you in?
Who?Peter Pettigrew/His wand
Where?A broom closet
What are they doing?Having rough and meaningless relations
What do you do?Weep at the beauty of it
Because I really didn't have anything else to do today.

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